Dyeing for Effect with Gina Levesque - Saturday Afternoon, September 7, 2019 -- 100 to 300 pm

Saturday Afternoon, September 7, 2019  --  1:00 to 3:00 pm

Across Generations – Gina Levesque              gina_levesque@yahoo.com                (405) 880-1196

            Dyeing for Effect

Cold, Hot, Night, Day, Skies, Snow, Reflections and fur. All of these and many more can be expressed in our hooked rugs with the correct dyeing technique. In this class we will explore various methodologies for achieving the desired affect when dyeing.Techniques cover but not limited to: spot dyes, dip dyes, graduation dyeing and scrunch dyeing.

$65. per student

Includes all wool, a notebook for directions and all dyes used in class.